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Making a Difference for LGBT Youth

"GLSEN has transformed the way teachers are prepared and schools educate around LGBT young people and issues."

We believe that changing schools for the better changes the world for the better. From the student leaders we've supported to the educators we've empowered to the policymakers we've educated, our evidence-based solutions have had a real impact on thousands of schools and millions of lives.

A Philanthropedia survey of 110 experts on LGBT equality and support named GLSEN a top three nonprofit making significant contributions on the national level, behind Lambda Legal and the ACLU. GLSEN came in third among 90 organizations that received at least one recommendation.

The leaders surveyed represented 95 organizations—ranging from nonprofits to foundations to research institutions—and included GLSEN Executive Director Eliza Byard. Philanthropedia, a division of GuideStar, asked the experts to recommend up to four national nonprofits as having the greatest impact in the field. 

"This is a tremendous honor to be recognized by leaders in the LGBT community as one of the top nonprofits working on LGBT equality and support," Byard said. "Since our founding, GLSEN has committed to documenting the bias and victimization facing LGBT youth in schools and creating credible, impactful and evidence-based programs that will have a real and lasting impact. We are also fortunate to have a dedicated volunteer leadership, committed staff and engaged constituency that have driven our success for more than 20 years. We would not be who we are today without them."

Philanthropedia strives to improve nonprofit effectiveness by directing money to and facilitating discussion about expert-recommended, high-impact nonprofits.

Philanthropedia provided a selection of quotes about GLSEN's work. Highlights include:

  "The work that GLSEN does on safe school environment for LGBT youth has spurred a movement to address bullying and discrimination in public schools. This work is groundbreaking and based on unique and ongoing research!"   "GLSEN has been highly effective at 'mainstreaming' LGBT issues within the education world so that safe schools for LGBT students is now a major agenda item for these communities."  
  "GLSEN runs programs nationwide that maintain grassroots efforts in schools. Their training helps create safe spaces, give LGBT kids protection from bigotry, and helps these kids and their allies provide education in their communities."   "GLSEN has done an incredible job of highlighting the real challenges that LGBT youth face in schools. Their school climate surveys provide the only data about the experiences of LGBT youth at school, and their research shows both the need for, and the impact of, safe schools laws, supportive teachers, and school groups for LGBT youth. GLSEN has brought the issue of harassment and bullying in schools for LGBT youth to a larger, national audience."  
  "GLSEN's national school climate survey is an invaluable statistical source for school safety efforts and is a guaranteed trigger for media and academic attention each year. It provides useful information for policy makers, educators, parents, and the LGBT youth community."