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Get Involved with GLSEN Northeast Ohio

If you would like to offer your expertise or talents and join GLSEN NEO as a future volunteer, please fill out our Volunteer Form. 


To get involved, feel free to contact our volunteer coordinator by e-mail at or phone at (216) 815-5246.


GLSEN Northeast Ohio GSA (6-12) Grant Program

Dear GSA Advisor and/or GSA Members:

GLSEN Northeast Ohio is offering area middle/high school GSAs and/or Diversity Clubs with LGBTQ inclusive missions an opportunity to request a grant of up to $250 in order to host a social or educational event.  Special consideration will be given to GSAs who plan to invite other GSAs to their event. We have outlined the requirements for the grant below.  If your GSA is chosen, GLSEN Northeast Ohio will send a check to your GSA/School.  


  1. Your GSA must use the grant to sponsor a social or educational event that brings students together in your school community and/or brings students from other local GSAs to your event.
  1. Applications must be completed and should comprise all requested information, including:
    1. Contact information for your GSA and School
    2. A brief description of your group’s current activities.
    3. A narrative description of the proposed event/project
    4. Anticipated date of the event.
    5. Total amount requested (up to $250), including a list of estimated costs.
  1. Once planned, GSAs must communicate the actual date of the event to GLSEN NEO. Please let GLSEN NEO know if you require assistance in promoting the event or making connections with other GSAs. GLSEN NEO is not required to be present at the event, but board members would be happy to attend if appropriate and possible (all GLSEN NEO have undergone background checks and several are current or retired educators).
  1. GSAs must return a brief survey via Google Forms following the event including details, such as attendance, activities, expenses etc.   

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