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No Name-Calling Week Elementary School (K-5) Lessons

Are you looking for lesson plans to use in your K-5 classroom?
In 2007, GLSEN collaborated with The National Association of Elementary School Principals to develop a series of lesson plans on name-calling, bullying and bias. Since that time, our collection of lessons has continued to grow. You'll find the current collection here on this page with descriptions below and downloads on the left. Make these lessons part of a comprehensive program to bring change to your school and don't forget to register your school/class! 
Beauty is Skin Deep
Students explore their experiences or with name-calling based on physical appearance.
Blow the Whistle on Name-Calling
Students develop a strategy for group self-monitoring of name-calling in the Physical Education class.
Building a Bully-Free Building
Students imagine a school without name-calling and bullying.
Garden of Kindness
Students create a classroom or school-wide display to demonstrate their commitment to kindness.
I Was Just Kidding
Student distinguish between good-natured teasing and bullying through discussion of fictional scenarios.
It’s All in a Name
Students explore what names are, why they are important to us, and what the difference between names that feel good to hear and names that feel bad to hear.
Pinky and Rex and the Bully
Students read and discuss James Howe's classic book.
Poetic Reactions
Students express their feelings regarding name‐calling using an artistic form of poetry.
Poster Design
Students work together to develop visual expressions of no name‐calling messages.
Situation Re-Creation
Students analyze name‐calling experiences to reflect on why it happened and how it could have ended differently.
Staying Safe
Students learn concrete strategies for what to do if they are being called names or bullied so that they can stay safe and healthy.
Think Before You Act
Students identify what they value about how people treat each other and fashion their statements into a class “code of ethics.”
We’re All Different Alike
An opportunity for students to feel united with their peers by both their similarities and their differences.
What if It’s Not Me
Students explore what they can do when they witness an incident of name-calling or bullying.