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No Name-Calling Week Planning Resources

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Annual Planning Guide

10 Simple Ways to Celebrate No Name-Calling Week

Suggested Literature and Media

Activities from Across the US

Student Survey

Student Handout: Staying Safe

No Name-Calling Week Pledge

No Name-Calling Week Poster

NNCW Sample Proclamation

NNCW Stickers (6 per page)

NNCW Stickers compatible with Avery Label 22822, 22934

Join the thousands of schools that celebrate No Name-Calling Week each year!
Not sure where to start? Or have you participated in the past and are looking to refresh your approach? Well, you're in the right place. We've created lots of useful tools to help you plan, promote, and celebrate No Name-Calling Week in your school! Don't forget to register your school/class!
Organizing Your First No Name-Calling Week: A Comprehensive Approach
This is a must-read for those planning their first No Name-Calling Week or for those working to build the support needed to bring No Name-Calling Week to their community.
Annual Planning Guide
Keep your school's No Name-Calling Week annually fresh and targeted with this planning tool.
10 Simple Ways to Celebrate No Name-Calling Week
GLSEN's Top Ten list based on 10 Years of No Name-Calling Week.
Suggested Literature and Media
Lists helpful books and videos for students, programs and curricula, and websites you can use to add to your No Name-Calling Week.
Activities from Across the U.S.
A brainstorming starter and look at what others have included in their celebration.
Student Survey: Name-Calling & Verbal Bullying
Learn about Name-Calling and Bullying from your students and use this to help develop your school's celebration.
Take a Stand Lend a Hand
A simple tool to help your students go from bystander to ally.
Staying SAFE
An important handout with tips for Students.
No Name-Calling Week Pledge
Have your students take the pledge while learning about SAFE strategies.
No Name-Calling Week Poster
A special edition No Name-Calling Week Poster.
Sample Proclamation
Use this sample proclamation to raise awareness of No Name-Calling Week in your community.
No Name-Calling Week Stickers
Download and print stickers for your students!
Other Important Links:
Related resources for Parents and Families
Helpful tips for parents and families on how to talk to school staff about name-calling and bullying and what to do if you suspect your child is being bullied. Get these handy resources ready to share with your students' parents here.
No Name-Calling Week Project: Year One Evaluation and Year Four Evaluation
In order to assess educators' participation in No Name-Calling Week, their use of No Name-Calling Week resources, and to examine the utility of No Name-Calling Week materials and resources, GLSEN conducted an evaluation of No Name-Calling Week in its first and fourth years of implementation. Learn about these studies here.
For Health and Safety Professionals: Bullying Prevention and Intervention
A great resource with recommendations from National Organizations. Get the guide here.
For School Administrators: Steps to Address Bullying at Your School
A comprehensive guide for educational leaders. Get the guide here.