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No Name-Calling Week: Student Actions

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GLSEN’s No Name-Calling Week is all about putting kindness into action and respecting others. Whether you have a minute, an hour, or an afternoon, there are multiple ways to put kindness in action with your friends, classmates, educators, and others in your community. Don’t forget to post about the actions of kindness you've taken during No Name-Calling Week on social media by using the hashtags #KindnessInAction or #NNCW17. 


  • Speak out against injustice and put kindness into action. Is someone being harassed or bullied in your school? Are they experiencing abuse because of their religion, sexuality, race, or gender expression? Rally your peers and teachers to protect classmates experiencing bullying. Let the student know that you care enough about their safety and well-being to act.
  • Print and post No Name-Calling Week posters around your school. Remember to get permission from the appropriate teachers and administrators before you post them!
  • Pass a proclamation in your area so your community knows it's No Name-Calling Week. Organize your community around protecting and uplifting each other, while making sure it's known that bullying will not be tolerated. Use this guide to research and advocate for a No Name-Calling Week proclamation in your school district or community.
  • Discuss during what it means to put #KindnessInAction during your GSA meeting. Reference instances of students using their power to protect and rise up for each other, such as: Students Escort Peer to Class after Racial Harassment, Students Honor Unity Via Walk-Out, and Chilean Students Demand Better Education.
  • Advocate for your teachers to use one of our middle or high school lesson plans about kindness and respect. 
  • Watch one of these awesome films by our friends at GroundSpark. Even better: gather a few of your friends or fellow GSA members, then watch and discuss the film(s) together! 
  • Use art as way to promote activism and highlight ways to put kindness in action, in real life and in real time. Put your artistic talents to work and make a piece to enter in the Creative Expression Exhibit.
  • Donate a book about kindness to a school or library. Here’s a list of inclusive books you can purchase and donate to your former elementary school in honor of No Name-Calling Week. 

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