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How to Get Professional Development

GLSEN Northeast Ohio is pleased to offer Professional Development to Pre-K – 12 schools in our 23 Northeast Ohio counties or at the state level when also reaching teachers, administrators, or students in our 23 county reach.  Although we are able to tailor workshops for audiences, each of our workshops will be aligned with this message and mindset: “All students deserve a safe and supportive school environment that is free of bias behavior; and that addressing anti-LGBT bias in schools makes schools safer for ALL students, regardless of sexual orientation and gender.”

We prefer not to have less than 60 minutes for a workshop/presentation and 90 minutes is ideal for our most requested workshop in a K-12 setting that usually focuses on “Understanding the Needs of LGBTQ Students in Today’s Schools: How to Create Safer Schools for All Students.”  This presentation includes a section of understanding the language around LGBTQ, sexual orientation, and gender identity in addition to the steps schools can take to make schools safer for all students. Below is an agenda for a typical 90 minute presentation with the focus of “Understanding the Needs of LGBTQ Students in Today’s Schools: How to Create Safer Schools for All Students” as well as other topics with which our organization is used to providing.    

For schools or organizations looking for a longer training, we would work to design a more thorough program to fit the needs.  We may also elicit the help from other fields and organizations, as they are the experts for example in mental health, suicide prevention, or sexual health/education. 

GLSEN Northeast Ohio is usually able to meet requests and offer our 60/90 minute presentations and workshops for a donation to GLSEN Northeast Ohio in addition to paying for any copying or materials that are requested.  There could be a fee attached to training and workshops that need to be newly created or ones that are over 120 minutes.   

For more information about scheduling workshops, please email Gary DiBianca at

Our Most Requested Presentation - 90 Minute Agenda   

Understanding the Needs of LGBTQ Students in Today’s Schools: How to Create Safer Schools for All Students 

Introduction to GLSEN Northeast Ohio

Assessing Personal Beliefs

Understanding the Language of LGBTQ

How to Support LGBTQ Youth?

Understanding Gender and the Needs of Trans* Students

What GLSEN’s Research Tells Us and the 5 Things We Can Do to Make Schools Safer for All:  Policy, Curriculum, Supporting GSA/Gay-Straight Alliance/Gender Clubs 

What to Do? When You Hear Inappropriate Language? 

What to Do? When a Student Comes Out? 

The LGBT Inclusive Checklist

Resources and Questions

Other Topics that GLSEN Northeast Ohio can address:

Making Curriculum Inclusive for LGBTQ Identities

- Elementary Focus

- Middle School Focus

- High School Focus  

Knowing the Rights of LGBTQ Students 

Starting and Sustaining a GSA/GSTA (Gay-Straight Alliance or Gender and Sexuality Alliance) in your Community