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Chapter Organizer- February 1, 2017

February 1, 2017

Hello Fabulous GLSEN Leaders,


From the three prominent figures above to Audre Lorde, CeCe McDonald, Octavia Butler, and the founders of Blacklivesmatter, we celebrate leaders who have endlessly fought for Black lives as we enter into February which is Black History month. We recognize that this history should not only be told during this month but continuously as we move forward in the LGBTQ movement.  

We hope that you all have been managing and taking time to self-care through these difficult past couple of weeks. We also want to say thank you for all your work in spreading the message of No Name-Calling Week. We had a great week, from Creative Expression exhibits, proclamations, and participating in the Twitter chat.

Updates from Field:

Accreditation Applications:
We are coming up on Accreditation season! In an effort to give as much of a heads up as possible, we would like to let you know that Accreditation Applications will be due in May. Stay tuned for more information in the next coming month. 

Trans Day of Visibility:
Trans Day of Visibility is one of GLSEN's Days of Support that happens annually on March 31st. In effort to support Chapters, we will be hosting an open call to those that are planning Trans Day of Visibility programming. The call will be on Monday, February 13th at 7pm. We will be discussing a wide variety of topics such as hosting events to providing community support. To join the meeting day of click the link, here, if you are unable to attend the call we will be recording it for you to view later.

Campaign Dates:
We are coming up on a busy part of the year, end of March through April and we want to make sure that you have the important dates ahead of time. We will be sending you more details on how they are all going to work together and what support will look like from the national office. The important dates to put on your calendars:

Trans Day of Visibility (March 31st)

Give Out Day (April 20th)

Day of Silence (April 21st)

National School Climate Survey Data Gathering Launch (April 21st)

Teacher Appreciation Week, with a Chapter fundraising opportunity (May 1-5)

Stay tuned for details on further campaign plans.

ESSA Update:
For those that were interested in serving as a peer reviewer for State Plans under ESSA, the deadline has been extended. We highly encourage all Chapter leaders who are educators or researchers (required to be eligible) to consider applying. ESSA State Plan Peer Reviewers are a group of educators and researchers in each state who will look closely at draft ESSA plans to see if they meet all regulatory and statutory requirements. Peer reviewers will check whether the plans support improvement in the areas of performance management; academic assessment; accountability, support, and improvement or schools; supporting educators; and supporting students.The deadline for the application is now February 17th. The application link is here. And more information is here.

In the Homework Folder section below, there are action steps. If you would like to jump down to the bottom, click the sidebar that says Homework Folder.

  News and Announcements
  Campaign Check Ins 
  Resource Library
  Homework Folder
News and Announcements

Education and Youth Programs: This is a heads up for SHINE leaders that we will be hosting a SHINE podcast which will be an open Q&A on February 7th at 7pm ET. We’re going to be talking about things such as questions do you want answered by other active SHINE leaders, insights and/or best practices would you like to share with others, and logistic problems. Let’s solve it together! If you have any questions about the meeting message Gabby at We will be sending out more details directly to SHINE leaders on how to join the call so be on the lookout!

Communications: New Chapter Logos Suite: We’ve tweaked every single chapter logo, color corrected, and added file variations for every possible use we think you may have, from merchandise to digital graphics. You can find these graphics within your Chapters Google Shared Drive and we’ve created a reference guide that helps explain how each file type is best used.

Day of Silence - Custom Shirt Orders: We're thrilled to announce that we are re-partnering with a former vender, Nightsweats & T-cells, to offer Chapters, schools, and student clubs the opportunity to purchase bulk orders of Day of Silence shirts, customized with your Chapter logo – or the school or GSAs name – printed on the backside.

Shirts are sold at-cost, at about $14/shirt, and can be ordered in quantities of 25 or more. We are finalizing the online order form and will launch ordering ability of custom shirts along with Day of Silence registrations on February 21, 2017. If your Chapter, school or club has interest, please plan to purchase on or shortly after the February 21 sale launch so that Nightsweats can ensure timely delivery.

Policy: State legislative sessions are in full swing! We have seen a huge flow of bills introduced and some negative bills that have already failed (yay!). The next few months will be busy and have a flurry of action alerts and opportunities to mobilize our networks. If you are interested in getting more regular updates from Policy staff, reach out to we we’ll make sure you know what’s going on.

Development:  We want to share the dates of the 2017 Respect Awards! New York will be May 15th at Cipriani 42nd Street and Los Angeles will be October 20th at the Beverly Wilshire.

Campaign Check Ins

100 Days of Kindness: Hopefully you’ve seen the 100 Days of Kindness campaign that national launched on Inauguration Day, which was also the close to No Name-Calling Week. The campaign is calling on folks to share messages of support for LGBTQ youth with the hashtag #KindnessInAction on social media channels, from which we have a curated wall of kindness. View the wall of kindness at

The campaign has already received mentions from thousands of youth and educators, as well as celebrities like Sia, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Sarah Silverman, Tony Goldwyn, Mark Ruffalo, Charlie Carver, Elizabeth Banks, Kate Walsh, and Lance Bass.

You can also find the best of the best #KindnessInAction submissions curated via this Twitter Moment and this Facebook Album. The campaign will continue to grow for 100 days, which happens to end with the Day of Silence. We invite your chapter to participate with your own messages – and to invite your audiences to submit messages, too.

Resource Library
Entering the resource library! This section will be filled with helpful resources that you can check out, and will hopefully be helpful in your personal and Chapter growth. 
Racial and Social Justice Resources
We will be including racial and social justice resources that will be our section to continually support Chapters in looking at the work through an intersectional lens. If you have any articles, podcasts, or videos that have helped you in thinking about anti-oppression, please send it to us at, with the subject line “Racial and Social Justice Resources.”

This guide that comes from Teaching Tolerance was created for educators, school support staff and service providers who teach, mentor and help open the doors of opportunity for undocumented youth and unaccompanied and refugee children currently living in the United States. Educators, school support staff and service providers are often the first individuals a student and/or family comes out to as undocumented.

Immigrant and Refugee Children: A Guide For Educators and School Support Staff

Peer To Peer Corner
This section is to help spread knowledge and wisdom across Chapters. In efforts to resource share and help solve each other's gaps in knowledge, we are asking for you to submit resources that have worked in helping your Chapter move forward at the local level. 

Although No Name-Calling Week is over, check out this blog post that was written by Hudson Valley-Ulster County's very own Rob Conlon on how they put Kindness into Action.  

All of the resources shared will be located in the Chapter Google Shared drive after they are included in the newsletter, here.

A Dip Into GLSEN History
There are numerous GLSEN resources that are within the depths of the website.

It is Black History Month! Throughout February we hope that you will help us share prominent Black heroes who have made significant contributions to the LGBTQ safe schools movement. Here are several resources that you can use. 

9 Black LGBTQ Prominent Figures

Black History Month Cover Photo

Sharing Communities Activity Guide for GSA's

Homework Folder

Action Steps! Here is what you can do as a Chapter Leader this month:

  • Join the Trans Day of Visibility Chapter support call on February 13th at 7pm ET. 
  • Put important dates in your calender for upcoming campaigns. 
  • Apply or encourage others to apply to be ESSA Peer Reviewers
  • If you are a SHINE Leader join us on February 7th at 7pm ET for an open Q&A session. 
  • Check out your new Chapter logos in your Chapter email shared drive. 
  • If you are interested in getting more regular updates from Policy staff, reach out to
  • Encourage folks to join in on the 100 Days of Kindness. 

Dates to look out for in February:

  • February: Black History Month
  • February 2: National Girls and Women in Sports Day
  • February 6-10: National School Counseling Week
  • February 20: World Day of Social Justice