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Chapter Organizer- March 3, 2017

March 3, 2017

Hello Fabulous GLSEN-neers,

Thank you those of you who were able to attend, host, help organize, and are planning rallies in response to the rescindment of the Title IX trans guidance. A big thanks to those that also worked on distributing resources. We immediately saw a response from the field and appreciate the magic that went into all of the collaboration to raise awareness. As we are entering Women’s history month, let's continue to remember the importance of centering black and brown trans women that we have lost already this year. Knowing that loss impacts the acknowledgement and validation of the lives of trans and gender nonconforming youth about in seeking role models and examples of thriving beings. While our work centers around providing safer spaces in schools for all youth, we have to remember how the outside world'ss messages affect that as well. As a reminder Trans Day of Visibility will be at the end of this month on March 31st. Our work is making an impact and we appreciate everything that you do! Take care of yourselves, and know that there is an entire network behind you.

Updates from Field:

Know Your Rights Cards and Pamphlets:
For those of you who had questions around the Know Your Rights resources written in partnership with the ACLU, we’re good in still distributing the resources. Make sure that those who receive the resources know that things are ever-changing, especially now, and things may change within the next few months. We have heard that there has been a great need for these resources and have Know Your Rights Pamphlets available. If you would like a package of brochures, please message us at with the subject “Know Your Rights Brochures.”

Day of Silence Events:
We are working on creating a listicle of Day of Silence events that Chapters are hosting. Although some of your planning may still be in the works we have a place for you to drop off your event details. As we are collecting the events, we are planning on doing targeted social media outreach to help amplify and increase attendance. If you have details for your event please drop the information, here.

Event Guide Stories:
Tate is working on a guide for Chapters that will help in thinking through event planning. If your Chapter has experience running successful events and you would like to share some of your skills or tools, Tate would love to hear about them. These could come in the form of templates, narrative, or a small tip. If you would like to see a draft of the resource and see where your input would be more than helpful, message Tate at

Starting A New Chapter:
We are always interested in expanding out our Chapter family. We know that the best way for new Chapters to start is through your connections. If you know of anyone that might be interested in starting a Chapter in a place that we don’t have one let us know and we’ll connect with them. Email

Also, if you have friends or people interested in joining the Chapter Network but they don’t live in your area, we can try to connect them to one near them. Let us know!

In the Homework Folder section below, there are action steps. If you would like to jump down to the bottom, click the sidebar that says Homework Folder.

  News and Announcements
  Campaign Check Ins 
  Resource Library
  Homework Folder
News and Announcements

Education and Youth Programs: Earlier this week, a message went out to educators on 9 ways in which they can stay vocal after the Title IX trans guidance rescindment. In case you have not seen it here is a link, that you can read and share with educators in your network. 

Policy: Title IX Webinar on March 8 at 5pm ET. Last week, we saw the Trump Administration rescind Title IX guidance that clarified the responsibilities that all public schools have to ensure transgender students have a safe learning environment. We will discuss the implications of no longer having this federal guidance, and how GLSEN Chapters can talk to schools, districts, and students about their rights and responsibilities. We’ll also discuss what actions Chapters can take at the state and local level to encourage policy makers to protect transgender students from discrimination and harassment. Register here

Development:  We want to thank everyone who has been helping us post about the #100daysofkindness campaign. We have had so many great contributions across the network and from celebrities such as Beyonce! 

Campaign Check Ins

Day of Silence: Day of Silence registration form is LIVE and the campaign has started. Find the link to register here.

The first 3,000 registrants will receive free swag to help them organize the day in their school. All registrants will be provided free downloadable posters, organizing resources, and a 25% discount off all Day of Silence merchandise in the GLSEN Shop.

Applications for the GLSEN Street teams have returned! GLSEN's Street Team is for students committed to making schools safer and more inclusive for LGBTQ youth and allies, starting with GLSEN's Day of Silence. As a Street Team member, youth will use digital activism to affect local and national change. Find the Street Team application, here.

We are re-partnering with a former vender, Nightsweats & T-cells, to offer chapters, schools, and student clubs the opportunity to purchase bulk orders. Shirts are sold at-cost, at about $14/shirt, and can be ordered in quantities of 25 or more. Order custom Day of Silence Shirts today!

Last but certainly not least, the GLSEN's Day of Silence Selfie sign is here. Tell the world how you're Breaking the Silence by posting to #dayofsilence.

Resource Library
Entering the resource library! This section will be filled with helpful resources that you can check out, and will hopefully be helpful in your personal and Chapter growth. 
Racial and Social Justice Resources
We will be including racial and social justice resources that will be our section to continually support Chapters in looking at the work through an intersectional lens. If you have any articles, podcasts, or videos that have helped you in thinking about anti-oppression, please send it to us at, with the subject line “Racial and Social Justice Resources.”

This month's section comes from Youth In Motion titled Resistance and Resilience: QTPOC Local To Global. The link also includes a short description, Twitter/FB Messages, social media images, and press release.

Peer To Peer Corner
This section is to help spread knowledge and wisdom across Chapters. In efforts to resource share and help solve each other's gaps in knowledge, we are asking for you to submit resources that have worked in helping your Chapter move forward at the local level.

Here is a link to Rainbow Graduation Resources that were shared from several Chapters throughout the network, here.  

All of the resources shared will be located in the Chapter Google Shared drive after they are included in the newsletter, here.

A Dip Into GLSEN History
There are numerous GLSEN resources that are within the depths of the website.

In case you have not seen it yet we have revived the Claim Your Rights resource in collaboration with the PFLAG. Any bullying, harrassment, and discrimination against LGBTQ students should be reported here. 

Homework Folder

Action Steps! Here is what you can do as a Chapter Leader this month:

  • Let us know if you are hosting or taking part in rallies so that we can support you in the work!
  • Let us know if you would like Know Your Rights pamphlets by emailing
  • If you are hosting a Breaking the Silence event please fill out the form here
  • If you regularly host events for students, educators, or volunteers and have tips to share with the Network email Tate at and they will follow up with you.
  • Let us know if you have connections with folks that either want to start or join a Chapter. 
  • Check out the Title IX Policy webinar.
  • Check out all the Day of Silence details including registration, packages, t-shirts, selfie signs, and street team member applications. 
  • Continue to send out the claim your rights resource. 

Dates to look out for in February:

  • All Month: Women's History Month
  • March 2: National Read Across America Day
  • March 8: International Women's Day
  • March 17: Bayard Rustin's Birthday
  • March 21: International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
  • March 31: International Transgender Day of Visibility
  • March 31: Cesar Chavez Day