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Volunteer Recruitment and Retention

Planning and developing a volunteer recruitment and retention plan should be a priority for all Chapters. The volunteer experience should be socially enjoyable, nourish the motivation that keeps volunteers engaged and avoid dullness. Above all else, volunteers should be acknowledged for their contributions regularly.

Volunteer Resources

Global Volunteer Form: Your Chapter BSD branch has a default volunteer sign up form available.The Global Volunteer Form is informed by existing Chapter Volunteer Applications from GLSEN Greater Cincinnati, Northeast Ohio, Connecticut and New York City and has been reviewed by a few Chapter Co-Chairs. To view the form click here. If you have any want to learn how to link the application to your website, email or access the document on the resource download section.

GLSEN Volunteer Process:This document details the ideal GLSEN volunteer process from entry point, to background checks to officially joining the board and every step in between.

GLSEN Chapter Board Member Commitment: Every board member should sign this upon being voted on to the board. The document details expectations of board members and should be referred back to whenever a board members is meeting the expectations included within.

Roles and Responsibilities: To help formalize Board Member roles, we drafted sample job descriptions in collaboration with GLSEN Pittsburgh, GLSEN Phoenix, GLSEN Richmond and GLSEN Connecticut. These descriptions are meant to be a starting point and can be amended to reflect local work/need. We welcome your feedback and thoughts as this is a living document intended to be accurate descriptions of Chapter roles.

Selecting Chapter Board Co-Chairs and Other Officers: GLSEN Chapter Board Co-Chairs play a crucial role in leading the work of a local Chapter. In selecting these leaders, Board members should focus on identifying candidates with specific skills, as well as a strong commitment to fulfilling the responsibilities of the position.

Volunteer Code of Conduct: We strive to create safe spaces in every area of our work. To ensure every member of our community has a great experience, we ask for every volunteer to review and sign this volunteer code of conduct.