No Name-Calling Week

QTPOC Open Mic

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No Name Calling Week call for QTPOC open mic.

Join the #KindnessInAction QTPOC Open Mic

Are you a Queer, Transgender, Indigenous or Intersex person of color artist or art appreciator? Join GLSEN’s 2020 QTPOC Open Mic night. You can read or sign (ASL) your own original material or other poetry/songs by queer or trans people (with credit).

Guidelines: Video must be well lit with a solid wall background or outside. No “adult content” can be displayed on clothing or in the background. Young people from a wide range of ages will be watching these videos and educators might use them in their classrooms so please make sure lyrics do not have bad words. Please send the captioning or lyrics of your performance so we can edit our captioning system if needed. If you are speaking, speak clearly into your computer, phone, or mic.

Mindfulness: Please be mindful of cultural appropriation. Slam poetry and hip hop originated from the artistic expressions of Black people often times as an outlet to talk about the ways they have been held back and targeted by oppressive systems. If you do not identify as a Black person, do not perform in Black voice (using African American Vernacular). There are ways to express great appreciation for the power of artistic expression without imitating or co-opting others’ work. You can read through poems in your own tone and voice. You can sing songs with your creative interpretation. Always, always, always give credit to the original creators.

QTPOC Open Mic Night- is part of GLSEN’s No Name Calling Week campaign and will be held on January 22 from 7:30-8:30 pm ET. We will share the pre-recorded and submitted videos online and engage students and educators from across the country. Join us in celebrating #KindnessInAction and the brilliance of QTPOC voices!

Submissions close January 17th,2020.

Any files that are uploaded will be shared outside of the organization they belong to.