Street Team

The image is of 4 students. One student is throwing a rainbow flag. One student is standing with a trans flag and a shirt that says love. Two students are holding up a sign that says "rise up to protect LGBTQ students" with a fist in the air. There is a tag line across the image that says GLSEN Street Team.
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GLSEN Street Team is about local engagement, generating buzz, and getting people excited about working towards more inclusive schools for LGBTQ students. You would be helping us make sure that folks get the resources that they need in your community. We need your help to make sure that they know about GLSEN and how we can support them! We know that you are already doing work in your schools and have the connections to direct folks to GLSEN's resources and campaigns that they need.


Your goals: 

  • Get people to register for events by sharing links on your social media and tagging GLSEN. 

  • Share your selfie signs during registration times and tagging GLSEN. 

  • Flyer your community and school

  • Table at your school to promote GLSENs campaigns 

  • Answer questions folks have at your school about how they can participate. 

  • Share tips on your social media on how people in your community can organize on making schools a safer space.  

  • Follow the GLSEN student newsletters for upcoming events and resources to promote.


The biggest role you will have is around GLSEN Days of Actions: 


Day of Action


Ally Week

September 23-27, 2019

No Name-Calling Week

January 20-24, 2020

Day of Silence

April 24, 2020

Street Team Benefits: 

  • Priority registration for GLSEN Days of Action

  • Access to the GLSEN Street Team Facebook Group 

  • Receiving monthly GLSEN Student Newsletters 

  • Get links to GLSEN Street Team webinars to hear about campaigns and collaborate with other student organizers.

  • Receive curated language on how to add GLSEN Street Team to resumes and college applications. 

  • Learn skills on how to organize in your community

  • Engage community supporters who want to work on building more inclusive schools for LGBTQ students

  • Create a network of new student organizers and friends across the country 

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