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Everyday GLSEN, its programs, its chapters and its people touch the lives of a student someplace in this country.

The teenager in the cafeteria having the courage to walk past an army of tormentors. The transgender student agonizing about using the restroom. The ally that stands up and says enough. They all rely on GLSEN to provide the support, knowledge or resource to get through the day. They look for the Safe Space sticker and know there is an adult they can count on. Without GLSEN their lives would be very different.

In reality, each of these students count on you.

GLSEN relies on your support to provide a lifeline to every student whose sexual orientation or gender identity is used as a basis of harassment and violence. It is the thousands of individuals that give every year that have helped create GLSEN.

Give today and join the grassroots movement to ensure every student, no matter who they are, have the right to a safe and equal education.

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