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SB 5689

GLSEN Washington State and SB 5689: Three Fast Facts about the Trans-Affirming State Schools’ Bill We’re Pushing to Be Law This Year

  1. SB 5689 gets school districts on the same page about supporting transgender students.This legislation requires school districts to develop local policies to ensure schools in the state are welcoming environments for transgender students and tasks the Superintendent of Public Instruction with making sure these policies are adopted, implemented, and communicated to local communities. Why does this matter?  According to GLSEN’s 2017 National School Climate Survey Washington state-level data, less than a quarter of LGBTQ students reported that their school had a policy or official guidelines to support transgender or gender nonconforming students. 
  2. SB 5689 protects teachers who want to incorporate LGBTQ inclusive curriculum into their classrooms.With passage of this bill, teachers’ evaluations, and their jobs, cannot be negatively impacted if they choose to include materials that address sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. By supporting educators who seek to take on LGBTQ inclusive curriculum, this bill also helps create classrooms where all students can see themselves represented.
  3. SB 5689 is the next step to ensuring LGBTQ students are supported in schools.Although Washington has anti-bullying and non-discrimination policies that protect LGBTQ students on the books, many transgender students in Washington still do not have access to in-school resources and supports. This bill would help ensure that transgender students are supported and welcomed in Washington schools. 

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