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Tassel Results

Earlier this year GLSEN Washington announced an initiative to award a rainbow tassel and certificate of achievement to every graduating high school senior across the state, at no cost to the student or their GSA. 

During May/June 2016, rainbow tassels and personalized certificates of achievement were provided to over 60 graduating high school seniors across the state. The cost of these tassels were supported largely through donations from individual supporters like you. Requests came in from schools all across Washington, including areas frequently less represented such as Raymond, Poulsbo, and Montesano. It was very exciting to see the enthusiasm around this program. In 2017, we hope to double the number of tassels available to acknowledge these students and their contribution in creating visibility for LGBT Youth.

Raymond 13
Seattle 12
Spokane 10
Vashon 5
Vancouver 4
Poulsbo 3
Centralia 3
Renton 2
Montesano 2
Mount Vernon 1
La Conner 1
Covington 1
Auburn 1


Thank you so much for helping supporting these students! While, this project is over for this year, please continue to support us, so that even more students can get tassels next year! Donate here