Welcome to Ally Week!

Ally Week, taking place this year on October 12-16, 2015, is a whole week where we can engage in a national dialogue about how everyone in and out of school can work to become better allies to LGBT youth. Whether you're a lesbian adult working to make schools safer for today's youth, or a gay student organizing to create safe spaces for your trans friends, everyone has an opportunity this week to recognize their allyship and take action to become better at it.

Supported by over 20 endorsers, this is a week where we can have vital conversations to move the movement forward toward our collective queer liberation! 

THEN tweet us using #AllyWeek or #BetterAllies and share one thing you're doing to become a better ally for all LGBT students!

If you're an educator, take a look at our Ally Week Guide for Educators to begin thinking about how to support your students and prepare for this year's Ally Week.

AND as a special Ally Week treat, check out GroundSpark's free streaming of the documentary Straightlaced - How Gender's Got Us All Tied Up. This documentary works as a great discussion starter and alliance builder. Get your free access here! 


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