Welcome to Ally Week!

Ally Week, taking place this year on September 26  30, 2016, is a national dialogue about how everyone -- in and out of school -- can work to become better allies to LGBT youth.

We know that allyship is about more than broadly supporting LGBT people; it's an active, ongoing process of advocating for LGBT youth (and other marginalized groups) without speaking for them or over them. During Ally Week, we challenge one another to think critically about what allyship means, how we are allies to others, and what kind of allies we seek out for ourselves. 

Supported by over 20 endorsers, Ally Week is an opportunity for us to recognize what true allyship looks like for each of us. How should you get started?

FIRST, register for Ally Week here! It helps us learn who's participating in Ally Week and gives us a way to get in touch with you in the future. 

THEN, read up on what actions you can take as an ally right now. Allyship doesn't happen overnight; the more steps you take to support LGBT youth from all walks of life, the stronger an ally you'll be. 

IF you're an educator, take a look at our Ally Week Guide for Educators to learn how you can support your students during Ally Week. 

AND if you're looking for something to talk about with your peers during Ally Week, check out GroundSpark's free streaming of the documentary Straightlaced - How Gender's Got Us All Tied Up. This documentary can be a great tool for starting discussions and building community. Get your free access here! 

FINALLY, tweet or Instagram us with the hashtag #myallies to tell us what you need from your allies, or use #AllyWeek to tell us how you're participating. 


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