March 14, 2011

>Day of Silence Organizer #2: Holding Your Meeting

>The Day of Silence, Friday, April 15, is fast approaching and it's time to get organizing! Each week leading up to DOS we will be sending you helpful organizing tips to help you plan and coordinate successful activities. While you don’t need to plan with others, your Day of Silence can be more effective if you do!

Week of March 14-18: Holding Your Meeting
It’s time to get the ball rolling! Plan a meeting with your DOS Team. This could be your GSA or student club, or a group of interested students and your sponsoring faculty member.
If you have any questions or ideas, or if you want to tell us what you’re planning for your Day of Silence please email us at

  • Be prepared: Make an agenda so that your meeting goes smoothly and you accomplish everything necessary to take the next steps. And print out some of the materials referenced in the list below to pass out to the Team members.
  • Brainstorm: What will your event look like? Who will be involved? Will you have a Breaking the Silence event? Discuss with your team all the possibilities for your DOS event. And be creative! Check out DOS on Facebook to see what other students are planning.
  • Decisions: There are a lot of ways to hold a successful Day of Silence, but you can’t do them all! Involve your team in the decision-making process to assure their support as you organize the event.
  • Set Goals: Goals are a great way to determine if your organizing is on the right track. How many people do you want to take a vow of silence? How many cards do you want to pass out? How many people do you want to attend your Breaking the Silence event?
  • Delegate: No one person should do all the work alone. Split up the tasks to make the work easier and to get more people involved.
  • Register: Make sure all the members of your team also register their participation at
  • And don’t forget to schedule a Team meeting for next week!

And don't forget to join the conversation on the Day of Silence Facebook Page and @DayofSilence on Twitter.


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