July 31, 2009

>GLSEN Ambassadors Team Forms (Photos)


Last weekend GLSEN brought together for the first time a group of students who will be part of GLSEN's Ambassaadors program. This Media Summit was a huge success with 15 youth traveling from far-flung locations such as Alaska, Alabama, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, as well as representatives from Brooklyn and the Bronx.

Throughout the weekend students learned key messages and storytelling techniques to help advance GLSEN’s awareness-building goals.

Workshop topics included Social Media, Telling Your Story through the Media, Public Policy and the Safe Schools Improvement Act, Media Coverage of LGBT People of Color Communities, and more intimate coaching and practice sessions on writing letters to the editor, action planning, and interview and presentation skills using video.

We also took field trips on the Staten Island Ferry and an LGBT history walking tour of the West Village.

Here are some select quotes from the students on the weekend:

“I loved it here. I’ve never felt so open about anything before.”

“OMG. It was amazing—one of the best experiences of my life.”

“An opportunity for me to become inspired and learn how to utilize the media as a tool for advocacy.”

“Aside from the tools and advice that were given to me in order to deal with the media, I have built wonderful relationships with wonderful people.”


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