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Our Chapter: GLSEN Greater Cincinnati

GLSEN Greater Cincinnati is a local chapter of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. We work for safe, respectful K-12 schools for all, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

Our programs include:

  • Youth Group, a weekly social and organizing group for LGBTQPIA and allied middle and high school age youth
  • Youth Summit, a free annual day-long conference of workshops, networking sessions and community building for LGBTQ and allied youth, and adults who work with youth
  • Trainings including Safe Space, which empowers educators to be identifiable resources to LGBTQ and allied students. Request a training at this link.
  • Support for Gay-Straight-Trans Alliances in schools
  • Stories Project, illustrating school experiences through multimedia. View Stories Project: NOW on YouTube

GLSEN Greater Cincinnati was a founding chapter of the GLSEN network in 1995.

Local volunteer leaders include:

John P. Bruggen (Treasurer and Fundraising Lead)
Desi Benton (GSTA/School Engagement)
Josh Wagoner (Stories Project Coordinator)

Volunteer Coordinators: Kathy LaufmanEstelle Manegold Riley

Youth Group Facilitators: April CallisCrystal LoomisCaroline Muller, Brandi Kekua-Ellison

Advocacy/School Policy: Angela Ianniello, Jack Harrison

Community Events: Meeka Jones, Olive Short

Internships: Kathy Laufman

Youth Summit: Shawn Jeffers