Our Chapter: GLSEN Greater Cincinnati

GLSEN Greater Cincinnati is a local chapter of the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network. We work for safe, respectful K-12 schools for all, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

Our programs include:

  • GLSEN Greater Cincinnati Youth Group, a weekly social and organizing group for LGBTQPIA and allied high school age youth, with professional co-facilitators
  • GLSEN Greater Cincinnati Youth Summit, a free annual day-long conference of workshops, networking sessions and community building for LGBTQ and allied youth, and adults who work with youth
  • Improving School Outcomes Summit, an annual program for educators to set a safe, respectful tone in their schools, presented by a coalition including the YWCA's Family Violence Prevention Project, Cincinnati Children's, HRC, Council on Child Abuse and Talbert House
  • Trainings including Safe Space, which empowers educators to be identifiable resources to LGBTQ and allied students
  • Support of Gay Straight Alliances and Gay Straight Trans Alliances in schools
  • Stories Project, illustrating school experiences through multimedia. View Stories Project: NOW on YouTube

GLSEN Greater Cincinnati was a founding chapter of the GLSEN network in 1995.

Personnel include:

Kathleen G. Laufman and Josh Wagoner, Co-Chairs
John P. Bruggen, Treasurer and Fundraising Lead
Crystal Loomis, Community Outreach Coordinator
Estelle Manegold Riley, Volunteer Coordinator

Tom Sauter, Advocacy Lead
Shawn Jeffers, Youth Summit Lead

Adrian Bargo and Laura Obert, Youth Group Co-Coordinators


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