Celebrate 100 Days of Kindness with GLSEN

GLSEN 100 Days of KindnessSince the election, we’ve seen an increase in reports of harassment, bullying, and violence towards LGBTQ students in schools. Now with a new administration in office, there’s growing anxiety among LGBTQ students about what they might face.

We have to let these students know we support them. That’s why we launched 100 Days of Kindness – a national campaign inviting our community to post messages of support to LGBTQ students on social media by sharing moments of #KindnessInAction. Each message shared will form a brick in a virtual wall of kindness on this webpage, glsen.org/100days.

Here’s how to post your message:
Click the blue “Add a Post” button in the top left corner of the wall. Or post to your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account using #KindnessInAction in your post and we will receive it. Consider including an image of you from school or record a short video, along with your message.

Please note: because we review all messages before they are posted, your message may not immediately appear on the wall.