Reports and Briefs

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National Reports and Briefs

Our national reports examine many aspects of school safety, from elementary school students’ and teachers’ experiences to the interactions LGBTQ parents have had with staff at their children’s schools. Learn more about the research foundations for GLSEN’s work by checking out the reports below.

State and Local Reports and Briefs

Our state and local reports examine the experiences of LGBTQ students in selected areas, using available data from reports such as GLSEN's National School Climate Survey. Our series of State Snapshots are particularly useful for understanding the experiences of LGBTQ students in your area. If no State Snapshot is available for your state, check out our Local School Climate Survey tool and help us collect this important data on the experiences of LGBTQ youth.

Evaluation Reports

What strategies really work for promoting safe and respectful schools? GLSEN Research conducts evaluations to assess the effectiveness of GLSEN programs and recommended resources. Our evaluation reports share findings about the impact of GLSEN’s efforts to improve school climate, and also discuss what safe schools and LGBTQ advocates can learn from our efforts.

On a white background are four GLSEN pronoun pins. From left to right, the purple one reads: my pronouns are they, them, theirs; the lime one reads: my pronouns are she, her, hers; the gold one reads: my pronouns are he, him, his; and the blank magenta one reads: my pronouns are.


Student Network
Educator Network
Research, Reports, and Briefs
The GSA Study is the first comprehensive report on the experiences of students and advisors in GSAs across the United States.
Research, Reports, and Briefs
Misgendering, Gender, and Pronouns
Identity Topic
Transgender Students
Nonbinary Students
The purpose of this Research Brief is to illustrate the experiences of transgender and nonbinary students in K-12 schools . . .
Research, Reports, and Briefs
Based on data from the 2019 National School Climate Survey, State Snapshots provide the facts on school climate for LGBTQ students in selected states.