Support for Student-led Clubs

Illustrated GLSEN Rise Up magnets stick to a bright yellow locker. From left to right, they read: Rise up to protect trans and GNC students; rise up to protect immigrant students; rise up to protect Muslim students; rise upt o protect LGBTQ students; rise up to protect black students. The matching colorful illustrations from left to right are: a woman exits an all-gender restroom; two students chant at a protest, one raises her fist, the other wears a rainbow bandana, their shirts say Undocu Queer and DACA

Research indicates that GSAs (Gender and Sexuality Alliances) improve school climate, individual well-being and educational outcomes for LGBTQ youth. Participation in GSAs is related to stronger school connectedness and improved academic achievement for LGBTQ youth, and regardless of whether LGBTQ students themselves participate in their school’s GSA, just having a GSA in their school can create a more positive school climate for LGBTQ students.

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GSA Activities and Ice Breakers

Changing the Game
No Name Calling Week
Ally Week
Day of Silence
Professional Development
Safe Space Kit