An educator standing in front of a whiteboard teaches a classroom of six students at their desks.

Whether you’re a student, an educator, or an ally looking to support safer and more inclusive schools, you can have a role in creating change!

  • Want to start a club for LGBTQ students? 
  • Ensure your classroom is a safe space for students of all identities? 
  • Bring together your school community with a rally, protest, or celebration? 
  • Learn about policies that can help protect LGBTQ students and see where there’s still work to be done?

GLSEN offers a range of resources for both student-led and educator-driven programs that seek to improve LGBTQ inclusivity in schools. Whether it’s taking a training, getting help starting a GSA, or using our LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum resources year-round, GLSEN is here to support you in supporting LGBTQ students.