Advocate for Inclusive & Affirming Curriculum

Four classroom tables of students write in their notebooks. A pink-haired educator holding papers approaches a student with their hand raised.
Five high school students carrying backpacks and books lean against bright yellow lockers and amicably talk to each other.

GLSEN research shows that LGBTQ students who attend schools with curriculum that is inclusive of LGBTQ people, history, and events experience a better school climate and improved academic outcomes.

Curriculum serves as a mirror when it reflects individuals and their experiences back to themselves. At the same time, curriculum serves as a window when it introduces and provides the opportunity to understand the experiences and perspectives of those who possess different identities. An inclusive curriculum should be balanced and include diverse windows and mirrors for every student.

Having LGBTQ-inclusive mirrors and windows in school curriculum can help create a more positive environment and healthy self-awareness for LGBTQ students, while raising the awareness of everyone.

All teachers can use our Inclusive Curriculum Guide to reflect on your existing curriculum and find places to increase your LGBTQ+ representation.

Order a copy of Reading the Rainbow: LGBTQ-Inclusive Literacy in the Elementary Classroom to see how other teachers have successfully implemented LGBTQ+ issues into their curriculum.

Looking for LGBTQ+ books for your classroom? We recommend these lists: