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Supportive educators save students’ lives. Having just one visibly supportive educator in a school can ensure that LGBTQ students feel safe, welcomed, and encouraged to learn. 

Show your support by displaying a Safe Space sticker and poster in your classroom. Learn how to discuss bullying, gender roles, or family diversity with elementary-aged students. Include positive representation of LGBTQ people in your curriculum. Inspire your students of all ages and all identities to be kind, support others, and speak up when they see bullying. 

GLSEN’s education team has created educator guides for each of our days of action, along with other resources for increasing LGBTQ visibility and affirmation in any curriculum. While GLSEN celebrates these days of action nationally at specific times during the year, all of our lessons, resources, and activities found here can be implemented at any time.

Check out the resources in the sections below for specific guides and tools related to GLSEN programs, days of action and more!

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Educator Guides

Looking for ways to support Ally Week, No Name-Calling Week or the Day of Silence? Interested in finding ways to bring LGBTQ-visibility into your curriculum? You’ve come to the right place! 

GLSEN’s education team has created educator guides for each of our Days of Action, along with other resources for increasing LGBTQ visibility and affirmation into any curriculum. While GLSEN celebrates these Days of Action nationally at specific times throughout the year, the lessons, resources, and activities found here can be implemented at any time. 

Check out the resources below for specific guides and tool related to GLSEN programs, days of action and more! Ready to supplement your curriculum? Explore our LGBTQ-Inclusive and Bullying, Bias & Diversity lesson plans.

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Lesson Plans

Implementing GLSEN’s free lesson plans and resources can help students develop the skills to interact in our diverse world with greater respect, empathy, and understanding. 

Incorporate our lessons, found below, to:

  • Foster respect and understanding
  • Promote LGBTQ visibility and affirmation 
  • Improve school climate
  • Build leadership
  • Encourage ally behavior

Ready for LGBTQ-specific lessons? Explore GLSEN’s LGBTQ-inclusive curricular resources. 

Recent Lesson Plans

No Name Calling Week
Lesson Plans
Misgendering, Gender, and Pronouns
Lesson Plans
Harassment, Bullying, and Discrimination

Professional Development


Teachers can be that figure you look up to. And when they are accepting of you, it means the world to you. To know that you’re ok and that they are there for you. - Ximena, 9th grade

When educators are visibly supportive of LGBTQ students, everyone benefits. Through our Chapter-based Professional Development program, GLSEN offers tools and resources to thousands of educators who seek to make their classrooms and schools a safe place for all students. Based on 25+ years of experience and research, GLSEN boasts a robust educator training program with a series of modules curated to cover an array of topics suitable for a diverse range of audiences.

GLSEN research shows that the presence of supportive educators can have a significant positive impact on LGBTQ students’ academic achievement, as well as on their psychological well-being and long-term educational aspirations. GLSEN Professional Development aims to empower educators to act in allyship with LGBTQ students.

Our Professional Development Workshops will assist educators in building the following skills:

  • Knowledge of LGBTQ student experiences in school
  • Understanding what allyship can provide for LGBTQ students
  • Awareness of the prevalence of anti-LGBTQ language and behavior in schools
  • Willingness and ability to intervene when anti-LGBTQ name-calling and bullying occurs
  • Willingness and ability to utilize curriculum inclusive of LGBTQ people, history and themes
  • Willingness to advocate for the rights of LGBTQ students and ensure safe schools for all
  • Access to resources and referral

NOTE: For GLSEN Professional Development Workshops, the term “educator” includes, but is not limited to: Current or future K-12 Teachers, Administrators, Counselors, Paraprofessionals, Librarians, Nurses, Bus Drivers, District Staff, School Resource Officers, Cafeteria Workers, etc

To bring GLSEN Professional Development to your school, please email


Safe space kit poster.

Safe Space Kit

Educators like you can make a big difference for LGBTQ students. Just one gesture can change a student’s life for the better: Put up a Safe Space Sticker in your classroom to start a conversation about acceptance and affirming LGBTQ identity. 

GLSEN’s Safe Space Kit provides you with practical ways to transform your school into a safer space for everyone, particularly LGBTQ students, by supporting and educating students, sharing your knowledge with other educators and advocating for school-wide changes. The Safe Space Kit not only guides you through making an assessment of your school's climate and recommends affirming policies and best practices, but also outlines strategies that you may use to advocate for change, including posting a Safe Space Sticker or Safe Space Poster in your classroom or office. You can purchase them in the GLSEN Shopor download digital copies for free here.

GLSEN Chapters also offer professional development opportunities that include our Safe Space Kit and support educators in creating safer and more affirming learning environments. 

School Year Calendar

The school year is full of opportunities to participate in GLSEN events, address LGBTQ and social justice issues, learn about diverse communities, and take action to create safer and more affirming schools for all.

Use this calendar to schedule your GSA meetings, lesson plans, student events, and staff development workshops, and as part of your ongoing diversity, equity, and LGBTQ-inclusion efforts. Follow us @GLSEN on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where we’ll be sharing related resources and lesson plans for these events throughout the year. 


Misgendering, Gender Terminology & Pronouns

Misgendering hurts. Support educators by teaching students how to respect each others’ pronouns and bringing awareness to a wider range of gender terminology.

As a class and in small groups, students watch a video about pronouns, have a conversation about pronouns, and discuss misgendering. As a class, students discuss ways to combat misgendering and how they can make sure the gender pronouns of all students are respected.

LGBTQ History

For all of us, learning an LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum can help us better understand our world and our differences. For LGBTQ students in particular, it can mean feeling safer at school and hearing homophobic and transphobic remarks less frequently, according to GLSEN research. Looking back at history is the easiest way to get LGBTQ-inclusivity into any curriculum. That's why we're sharing our resources below, which include an interactive timeline and coloring book as well as many other classroom resources suitable for a range of students ages K-12. 
Recognizing these benefits, former GLSEN Chapter leader Rodney Wilson, with the support of GLSEN's founder Kevin Jennings and many others, founded LGBTQ History Month in October 1994. While you can use these resources every October, they're perfect for use all year, so that students see the benefits year round.
A great resource you can use to learn and teach about LGBTQ history is Making Gay History, the critically acclaimed and award-winning podcast that brings LGBTQ history to life through the voices of the people who lived it. Listen to the podcasts below to hear about the lives and legacies of Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera, who were participants in the New York Stonewall riots in 1969.

TEXT: Celebrate LGBTQ History Month! This is a square graphic that features black and white photos of five important figures in LGBTQ history on different solid-colored backgrounds composing the GLSEN rainbow. From top left to bottom right, these historical figures are: We'Wha, Bayard Rustin, Marsha P. Johnson, Silvia Rivera, and Laverne Cox.