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A large group of GLSEN volunteers, all wearing black tshirts that say LOVE, holds up posters and a banner as they march in the 2018 NYC Pride Parade. A double-decker bus behind them also has a GLSEN banner and more volunteers on the roof. The banners reads: GLSEN, Championing LGBT Issues in K-12 Schools Since 1990; GLSEN, Creating LGBTQ Inclusive Schools. The posters read: Resist; Protect LGBTQ Students; All Students Deserve Inclusive Schools; Protect Trans Students.

Our blog features impactful articles, useful guidance, and first-person stories told by LGBTQ students and community members. Whether it’s an inclusive lesson plan, a celebration of pride, or a moving op-ed from a member of our National Student Council, GLSEN’s blog is a resource for anyone looking to make schools safer and more inclusive for LGBTQ youth.