Administrative Advocacy

Public Comment on Advancing Equity & Support for Underserved Communities

GLSEN urged the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to adopt LGTBQ+ inclusive equity assessments and strategies, help dismantle barriers face by LGBTQ+ students and educators, ensure federal dollars advance LGBTQ+ nondiscrimination, and promote meaningful consultation with LGBTQ+ stakeholders. (See 86 Federal Register §85).

Update: In its public summary of responses, OMB highlighted two recommendations that were central to GLSEN’s comment:

  • “Improving data collection and disaggregation to allow for detailed breakdowns by race/ethnicity, along with gender (including non-binary gender identification), income, and other demographics (such as sexual orientation) to assess disparities.”
  • “Intersectionality matters… Federal policies, grants, and programs should always account for how people’s multiple identities interact with intersecting systems of oppression.”