Policy and Advocacy

Model District Policy on Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students


This document presents our Model School District Policy on Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students, which outlines best practices for schools to ensure that all students are safe, included, and respected in school, regardless of their gender identity or expression—including transgender and gender nonconforming students. The model presents some policy objectives, key points, and alternatives to consider. It is meant to be adaptable to the specific needs of your school district, while keeping the original intent of the policy intact. Depending on your school district, the policy language provided here may fit best in a district policy, an administrative regulation, or a combination of the two. Our model was developed by examining school district policies from various states, drawing from guidance provided by states and the federal government, and identifying best practices for a national context.

This model has been constructed so that you can easily copy model language in order to draft your own district policy.

While this document provides a starting place to create a policy pertaining to transgender and gender nonconforming students in your district, the language should be modified to comply with state laws and existing district policies. Policy experts at GLSEN and NCTE can provide technical assistance. Please contact GLSEN’s Public Policy Department at 202-347-7780 or by email at publicpolicy@glsen.org or NCTE at 202-642-4542 or by email at ncte@transequality.org.