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Respect for All

Policy Recommendations to Support LGBTQ Students

School and district leaders, educators, and school staff have a significant opportunity—and responsibility—to create learning environments in which all students can thrive and achieve their full educational potential.

Fostering a sense of belonging and connectedness in school are crucial for putting all students on a path to success.1 However, many LGBTQ students are left feeling unsupported in their schools. In order to ensure that school learning environments are supportive of all students, it is critical to implement specific policies and procedures that support LGBTQ youth, affirm their identities, promote safe and healthy learning environments, and advance equity and respect for all in our schools.2

This resource provides education policymakers and practitioners, particularly at the district and school levels, with concrete recommendations related to creating safe and affirming learning environments that uphold the dignity of all students. To meet this objective, districts and schools should: