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To gear up for Ally Week, four members of GLSEN's National Student Council went live on Facebook to answer your questions about allyship to LGBTQ students. Niles, Imani, James, and Kian took an hour to field questions about being an
As the shelves in every department store fill with school supplies, students across the country, including me, get ready to return to the classroom. We sigh and reluctantly sling our backpacks over our shoulders. Every student has a
As summer comes to a close and school starts up again, many students, including me, will be returning to one thing: our school’s GSA. These student-led organizations focus on providing a safe environment in schools for all students,
We’re working to build a world in which every student is valued and affirmed, period. According to the Williams Institute, there are over 75,000 LGBTQ DREAMers, and of that, 36,000 have participated in DACA. It’s imperative that we are
An estimated 65,000 undocumented students graduate from high school each year, many LGBTQ. It is unconscionably cruel to threaten students with deportation from the only country they have ever known, simply because of how they came here.
Department:   Operations Department Responsibilities: National Office Enter all donated revenue to accounting software. Maintain files of supporting accounting documentation. Invoice earned income and follow up on
Every year, GLSEN selects a group of exceptional LGBTQ young people for our national student leadership team, the National Student Council (NSC). Selected from a pool of hundreds of applicants, the 18 members of GLSEN's National
For a distressing number of LGBTQ students in Puerto Rico, schools are hostile environments, resulting in the majority of LGBTQ students in PR feeling unsafe at school because of their sexual orientation or gender expression.
The Puerto Rico School Climate Survey provides the first comprehensive data on the school experiences of LGBTQ youth in Puerto Rico.
Este informe recopila los primeros datos empíricos acerca de las experiencias escolares de los y las jóvenes LGBTQ en Puerto Rico.
In this lesson, students will begin to explore transphobia and genderism by examining and expanding their definitions.
Students will learn about ableism, ableist language, and how to act in allyship with people who have disabilities.
Resist: Youth Summit 2017 Our annual Youth Summit will take place this year on Saturday, September 23, 2017 from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. at the Towson University Student Union. The Youth Summit is a free, day-long leadership and advocacy
As a class and in small groups, students will watch a video about pronouns, have a conversation about pronouns, and discuss misgendering.
Students will learn about the origin of the term Two-Spirit and incorporate Native American/First Nations/Indigenous gender terminology into their understandings of gender and gender identity.
I had a long career of teaching, first in deaf and special education, and then in elementary language arts, but I wasn’t an outspoken ally to LGBTQ youth until my last year in schools, when I served as a GSA advisor. It was through this
The greatest obstacle facing LGBTQ young people today is adults. As a library specialist who works with students from Pre-K to the fourth grade, I know that the students understand that LGBTQ people deserve respect — it’s often the