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GLSEN News and Announcements

GLSEN honored Kate Hudson, Connor Franta, Jess Cagle, Target, Kevin Brockman and San Diego high-school student Edward Estrada at the 2016 GLSEN Respect Awards - Los Angeles on Friday, October 21, at the Beverly Wilshire, Beverly Hills.
As Latinx Heritage Month comes to a close, we asked GLSEN’s National Student Council, our national leadership team of LGBTQ student activists, about the LGBTQ Latinx people who they think should be in every LGBT-inclusive curriculum. Below
Objectives:  The Digital Engagement Manager is responsible for the visibility and growth of GLSEN’s brand and how we engage with constituencies across digital channels, including web, social and email. The Digital Engagement Manager
What do our Chapter Leaders do?Student & Community Organizing | Our chapter leaders work with LGBTQ and ally K-12 students and Gay-Straight Alliances across the region to provide support for development, programming, and
Reports:Organizing Associate Location: This position is based in GLSEN’s Washington, D.C. office Objectives: The Public Policy Intern will assist Public Policy staff in both state and federal work, ranging from legislation,
The Levi’s® brand and GLSEN are giving LGBTQ youth and their allies the chance to visibly show respect by creating their own “respect-wear.”
Coming out in Tennessee is an act of bravery. Sadly, for some the response is erasure and dismissal. We want stories told.
What if everyone made their own Respect-wear apparel or accessories?
GLSEN, the leading national education organization focused on ensuring safe and affirming schools for all students, will honor San Diego high-school junior Edward Estrada with the Student Advocate of the Year Award and Target with the Champ
GLSEN, the leading national education organization focused on ensuring safe and affirming schools for all students, will honor Golden Globe Award winner and Academy Award nominee Kate Hudson with the Inspiration Award at the GLSEN’s Respect
America's elected officials have the power to set policies and laws that reach the over 1 million LGBTQ students in K-12 education nationwide. Register to vote in support of policies and laws that are LGBTQ-inclusive!
Together we can make schools more safe and inclusive for all.
Today, GLSEN released From Teasing to Torment: School Climate Revisited, a survey of secondary school students and teachers about the current landscape of bias and peer victimization in school.Unfortunately, according to the report, almost
Biased remarks, bullying and harassment remain a significant problem in U.S. middle and high schools, according to a report released today by GLSEN, the leading national education organization focused on ensuring safe and affirming schools
Identifying outside the gender binaryBy Miguel Johnson  Being non-binary means identifying as a gender other than exclusively male or female. As a person who identifies as non-binary — in particular, as genderfluid, which means
Session 1 9:45-11:00LGBTQ+ 101This interactive workshop will cover common LGBTQ+ vocabulary, the differences between gender, sex, gender expression, and sexual orientation, the DESE guidance, and best practices for supporting LGBTQ+
 In honor of Bi Week, GLSEN and bisexual youth across the country took part in a Twitter chat last Friday, Bisexual Visibility Day, to discuss bisexual student experiences. The chat topped off a week of
This report examines bias and peer victimization in secondary schools, including an in-depth look at LGBTQ student issues.
Photo by Wunmi Onibudo The first day I showed up in my school counselor’s office, I was depressed and alone. Sabrina, my counselor, explained to me that her job is to listen and offer a helping hand to students who need support. Like a
GSA members will gain insight into the unique and complex issues facing bisexual people. This includes understanding bisexual erasure and how it is perpetuated.