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GLSEN News and Announcements

>BooMarie, came up with another awesome video to promote the Break the Silence event on April 17 at 5:30pm at the Knoxville, TN Amphitheater. Check it out![[{"type":"media","view_mode":"media_large","fid":"46","attributes":{"class":"
>Here's a idea from a student who plans to use her artistic skills:"This year for day of silence, I'll be making a small card stating why I'm staying silent, and since I'm pretty good at the stage makeup, I'm going to make it look like
>A high school in Wauwatosa, WI has found a creative way to participate in this year's Day of Silence:The Wauwatosa West High School Gay Straight Alliance will be holding a Stomp Out the Silence Day on Wednesday, April 8.Stomp Out the
>The second GSA* in the country, located at Phillips Academy (alma mater of Presidents George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush), recently celebrated 20 years of existence. To honor those 20 years of organizing and advocacy work the school
>Here's a message we just received:"So I was watching ABC Family this past weekend and one of your commercials was aired. I just caught the end of it but I know that it had Hillary Duff in it and was a discussion about the use of the
>What are you and your friends doing for the Day of Silence? Did you participate last year? How did your school’s administration react? Did you hold a "Breaking the Silence" event? How did you celebrate it?We want to know what you and
>Last year students from nearly 8,000 middle and high schools, a record-breaking number, participated in the Day of Silence. Wow—that’s amazing! How do we know? Because students registered their DOS observance at our sister site:
>The one-year anniversary of the shooting and death of Lawrence King, an eighth grade student in Oxnard, California will be Thursday, February 12th.What are you doing to honor his memory? Let us know.Is your GSA holding a vigil? Those
The challenges that face LGBT middle students are unique to those of younger students, and even their high school peers. This report documents their experiences, and highlights the importance of supportive resources.
>The Los Angeles Times reported today on yet another tragedy in California, this time the sad story of a 14-year-old boy who shot himself at school because of constant torment and bullying.How many more stories like this do we have to
>GREAT NEWS!For over a year, GLSEN has been working with the Ad Council to develop a campaign against anti-LGBT language, and it’s finally here!You can check out the New York Times story about the campaign here.At the new website for
>In this age of digital everything we can use our web resources to help create safer schools for all students.This resource below shows how to use Facebook for your activism needs and the tips and tools can be used for other social
>Check out GLSEN Jump-Start students Layne, Tyler, and Leah and GLSEN Executive Director Kevin Jennings on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet discussing coming out and the need for safe schools. You can watch part 1 of the clip here
>After experiencing constant harassment and even assault at his West Islip middle school, Patrick Kohlmann, 13, made a video presentation to help parents and teachers understand the impact of bullying. When he was told it was too “
>More than 250 members have joined the Irmo High School GSA Facebook group. But the newly formed South Carolina club may not be able to function by the time school starts again in the fall. When the club began this spring, Principal
>Debbie G. Sent us this story for the blog: Our GSA had an awesome DOS. We didn't just remain silent, club members decided to make t-shirts so that people would know why they were remaining silent. We came up with the slogan, “Silence
This study finds that although our nation’s principals do try – most are engaging in anti-bullying/harassment efforts – they aren’t doing enough to specifically address school safety for LGBT students.
>Students have been asking when next year's Day of Silence will be held. We're happy to announce it will be Friday, April 17, 2009. In deciding on a date we search the vacation and testing schedules of the top 20 largest school
>Stars and Stripes published a wonderful piece about the new Gay-Straight Alliance at a military base in Japan. The military, as you might expect, is typically socially conservative. So the GSA's formation was not welcomed by everyone.
>Just because the Day of Silence is coming to an end for most students doesn't mean you still can't register, even after the fact. If you haven't registered, please do so here.We use registrations to get a gauge for how much