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Ally Week

September 23-27, 2019


How can I be an ally?

Ally is a verb. Allyship is not performative, it’s action-oriented. Being an ally means taking action in solidarity with LGBTQ students and responding to their self-determined requests, for example, using the correct pronouns when referring to classmates or signing petitions demanding LGBTQ inclusion or policy change at school. Being an ally also means that LGBTQ students act in solidarity with other students who hold identities that are marginalized or attacked in our society.

We all have a role in supporting the LGBTQ community at school. Registration is for student leaders and K-12 educators, and anyone can learn about allyship and sign up to take action.

Ally Week + Bi Awareness Week

We are proud to kick off Ally Week by centering and lifting up our Bisexual community on Bi Awareness Day! GLSEN’s Bisexuality Week recognition will be the week prior to Ally Week. 

Bi Awareness Day is on Monday, September 23, we will kick off Ally Week by being in solidarity with Bi Net in bringing visibility to bisexual identities!


How to Participate

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Listen closely to the LGBTQ students at your school, and let them take the lead. If you’re an educator try our educator guide to learn ways to participate!


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Join the Conversation

LGBTQ students, what do you need from your allies? Share on social media using #MyAllies, and snap a selfie with our #MyAllies sign!


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We can all recognize our privilege, keep learning, and take action to be better allies to each other, uplifting the most marginalized voices. If you’re an educator check out our actions we've listed specifically for educators looking to be allies to LGBTQ students and all their intersecting identities. 


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Run an Ally 101 workshop, or create your own plans! You can use this letter from GLSEN and this letter from the ACLU when planning.


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Ally Week is an opportunity for K-12 students and educators in the LGBTQ community to lead the conversation on what they need from their allies in school. It’s a time to begin the school year with a focus on visibility, affirmation, and solidarity with students, educators, and LGBTQ-headed families in your school community.  Ally Week is a perfect time to include our lesson plans for elementary, middle, and high school in your curriculum. 

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