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Pronouns in Email Signatures

You have probably noticed that our signatures display not only names but also our pronoun(s). You may be wondering why, so here is some more information:

GLSEN is working to make our spaces more inclusive and affirming of how everyone wants to be called.

GLSEN does this by using email signatures, nametags with pronoun spaces, and introductions that include pronouns as an opportunity for people to make their gender pronouns visible. This is a first step toward creating a more welcoming and inclusive practice for people of all genders.

People’s pronouns sometimes relate to their gender identity. For example, someone who identifies as a man may use the pronouns “he/him.” But, we do not want to assume people’s gender identity is based on their pronouns or gender expression (shown through someone’s clothing, hairstyle, mannerisms, name, etc.).

If this is the first time you're thinking about your pronoun, you may want to reflect on the privilege of being cisgender, or having a gender identity that matches the sex assigned to you at birth.

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