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Transgender Model District Policy

This document presents our Model District Policy on Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students, which outlines best practices for schools to ensure that all students are safe, included and respected in school, regardless of their gender identity or expression — including transgender and gender nonconforming students. The model presents some policy objectives, key points and alternatives to consider. It is meant to be adaptable to the specific needs of your school district, while keeping the original intent of the policy intact. Our model was developed by examining strong local policies and models and generalizing them for a national context. 
This model has been constructed so that you can easily copy model language in order to draft your own district policy. Model policy language is indicated by a white background and sidebar language is indicated by a yellow background (or gray background if the model is printed in black and white).If you have any questions about this document or would like assistance to construct your own policy pertaining to transgender and gender nonconforming students, you may contact GLSEN’s Public Policy Department at 202‑347-7780 or by email at