Nominations for 2020 are Now Closed. Thank You for Your Submissions!

By Eliza Byard (she/her/hers)

It’s been such a challenging few years for so many people in our country, with a seemingly endless stream of bad news at the federal level impacting people of color, immigrants, people of different faiths, and lesbian, gay, bisexual and, especially, transgender people.

I know it can be overwhelming – and I also know, thankfully, that the bad news is not the whole story. Yes, even amid significant pain, there are awe-inspiring people nationwide doing amazing things, transforming their local communities and making the world a better place. It’s essential in challenging times that we celebrate good news and champion the courage, kindness, and talent of leaders making a positive difference. 

That’s why I’m thrilled to announce that GLSEN has opened nominations for our 2020 GSA of the Year Award and Educator of the Year Award! We want to hear the stories that have moved you this year – the student leaders and educators who are supporting and empowering LGBTQ young people in inspiring ways. We can’t wait to read your nominations and honor people who are taking action and creating safe and welcoming community in their schools. 

There is so much to be hopeful about in 2020. There is so much resilience and strength among K-12 students to celebrate. There is so much love and leadership among K-12 educators that we can learn from. Current full-time or part-time K-12 educators in the United States (including cafeteria workers, coaches, teachers, nurses, principals, and more) are eligible for the Educator of the Year Award.

Every year, these two awards shine a light on what’s possible when we come together to build inclusive school communities. I’m so excited to read your nominations – and, when the winners are chosen, welcome them to New York City, where we’ll honor them at our annual Respect Awards.