Student Perspective

Schools May Be Closed – But My LGBTQ Activism Isn't Stopping

By Chris Staley (She/Her)

This certainly isn’t how I pictured the end of my Senior year in high school.

As the president of my school’s GSA, we had big plans to advocate for and support LGBTQ students this year. And while it’s hard not being around my friends, if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the last several weeks, it’s that physical distance doesn’t have to stop our ability to join together and build community!

Chris S. Breaking the Silence Quote


That’s why I’m so excited that GLSEN is supporting student leaders like me to bring the annual Day of Silence online this year – as a 100% virtual protest for LGBTQ visibility!

On April 24th, thousands of students will show that together, our silence can be LOUD! Will you commit to joining this year’s Day of Silence? Click here to sign up now!

Our GSA is already planning all the ways we can participate in Day of Silence – from changing our profile pictures to recording individual videos to making and posting our own art!

And GLSEN’s team is hard at work to make sure that students across the country can connect all at once – with a big Breaking the Silence live Facebook event, scheduled for 3pm ET.

I planned to spend my Senior year advocating for the equality of LGBTQ students – and nothing’s going to stop me from that. I’m joining Day of Silence because, in this moment, we must all join together to build and strengthen our student-led movement nationwide.

Join the 25th Annual Day of Silence! Sign up here, and then be sure to invite your friends, too.

Thank you!

Chris Staley