These Bisexual Students Have a Few Words for You, and They're Inspiring


In honor of Bi Week, GLSEN and bisexual youth across the country took part in a Twitter chat last Friday, Bisexual Visibility Day, to discuss bisexual student experiences. The chat topped off a week of celebrating bisexuality through #ILoveBIself, a campaign created by GLSEN's National Student Council dedicated to highlighting issues facing bisexual youth, promoting self-care and working to erase biphobia.

Before, during and after the Twitter chat, bisexual youth shared their truth.

#ILoveBiself bc life is a lot more enjoyable when I live in my truth, rather than being closeted + miserable. I have no shame in my identity

— it's ya boi alex!! ♂ (@chill_achillean) September 24, 2016

#ILoveBIself because love is a beautiful thing with no room for shame or fear!

— Julia Wilde (@Julia_SCI) September 24, 2016

I love BIself because: my sexuality is valid and I don't have to prove anything to anyone #ilovebiself

— Bexx (@bexsquared) September 24, 2016

#ILoveBIself because there's no other thing to do but be myself! Living openly is a freeing experience that I can't live without.

— Keress Weidner (@rose_enby) September 24, 2016

I am a strong brown genderfluid and bisexual human being and I. AM. VALID.

— agua de coco (@wokemom) September 24, 2016

#ILoveBiself even though sometimes it seems like the rest of the world doesn't! My identity is whole and valid just like everyone else's !!

— rowan little (@catsharkmeme) September 19, 2016


They discussed how schools can be more affirming and inclusive of bi youth.

Welcome Bi people into GSAs. Understanding and loving and listening to us, and letting us be who we are without criticism #ILoveBIself

— emme (@dykeotomies) September 23, 2016

Also, check out this awesome GLSEN GSA resource about bisexuality! #ILoveBIself

— katie (@kt_morelikeqt) September 23, 2016

(1) TEACH ABOUT US IN CLASS! We shouldn't be erased from history + health textbooks anymore! When you see yourself in textbooks #ILoveBiself

— Madison (@mmiszki) September 23, 2016

(2) you're more likely to believe that you CAN make a change #ILoveBiself

— Madison (@mmiszki) September 23, 2016


And so much more. Check out the hashtag #ILoveBiself on Twitter to read what else these incredible activists had to say.

#ilovebiself is the hashtag i've been waiting for all my life

— broccoli wilkinson (@PookiePookison) September 21, 2016

#ilovebiself is the best hashtag of 2016

— Aquí Estamos (@aquiestamosrgv) September 24, 2016 

#ILoveBiSelf this hashtag is so beautiful ! I love it so much !

— Livi (@Livi_Burke) September 24, 2016 

I'm not crying at bi youth tweeting under #ILoveBiSelf, you are.

— Eliel Cruz (@elielcruz) September 24, 2016