These Student-Led LGBTQ Clubs Share Their #GSAgoals For the Year


The start of the school is always exciting because student-led LGBTQ clubs either relaunch or launch for the first time. This is the perfect time to register your club and establish your #GSAgoals for the year! (Registering your GSA gives you access to GLSEN materials, ensures you're on our mailing lists, and more)

The GSAs featured below got together and outlined what they wanted to achieve this year to best serve their members and school communities. Read their plans below and tag @glsen in your own #GSAgoals post!

1. Nease High School GSA

"Our club wants to create a safe and supportive community for Nease’s LGBTQ students! This year, we hope to create an LGBTQ book section in our library, put on a production of The Laramie Project play, teach queer history, talk about queer activism 101 and our rights as students and Americans, participate in GLSEN's #AllyWeek by writing notes to our teachers and making friends at the other St John’s County high school GSA clubs, and do GLSEN's #DayOfSilence for the fourth year in a row! We are so excited to be making a huge difference for our school climate and our peers and we hope our work outlasts our presence at Nease :)" . . @NeaseGSA was one of the first GSAs to register with GLSEN this year! To celebrate their awesome (and well-organized!) club, we are featuring their #GSAgoals for the year. Does your student-led #LGBTQ club have any of the same goals as @NeaseGSA? #gaystraightalliance #gendersexualityalliance #spectrumclub #inclusiveschools #safeschools #safespace #letyouthlead #LGBTQ #lesbian #gay #bi #trans #queer #nonbinary

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2. Rainbow Alliance

These Rainbow Alliance leaders were among the first students to register their student-led #LGBTQ club for this new school year! They told us a little about their #GSAgoals for the year: "Our club is planning a few events such as bake sales and general tunes to socialize with other people to try and achieve a more accepting school. We are also trying to get a few of us into a couple assemblies throughout the year so we can talk about accepting yourself and others and talk about some hardships we have faced but got through thanks to the people in our lives." Photo:@indigoletter6 & @its_ya_boi_cain_also_im_sad Is your #GSA registered? Sign-up your club at the link in bio to get the latest resources and updates from GLSEN! #RainbowAlliance #gaystraightalliance#gendersexualityalliance #spectrumclub#inclusiveschools #safeschools#safespace #letyouthlead #LGBTQ#lesbian #gay #bi #trans #queer#nonbinary

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3.  Stillman Valley Pride 

We asked GSAs across the country what their #GSAgoals are as they head #BackToSchool. Stillman Valley Pride shared that: "Our goal is to bring awareness to the school that there are many different people and we should all feel safe and accepted. We have many different people in this group and it is constantly growing." What's your #GSAgoal for this year? Let us know and find ways to achieve them at

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4. F.W. Buchholz High School GSA

This SUPER awesome and organized #GSA from F.W. Buchholz High School sent in their #GSAgoals for this year (in a numbered list!): "#GSAgoals for this year for F.W. Buchholz High School are: 1. Provide a safe place for people to speak and relax at the end of the day. 2. Create an environment that encourages others to contribute their ideas and discuss in forums between the club. 3. Try to get more of our school to participate in #DayOfSilence, by reserving a table during lunches to talk to students. 4. Involve school educators more in our school wide donation drive for our local Gainesville area AIDS project to maximize our reach to the students in our school and as a result receive more donations for the people who receive from the project." Does your club have any similar goals? . . . #gaystraightalliance #gendersexualityalliance #spectrumclub #inclusiveschools #safeschools #safespace #letyouthlead #LGBTQ #lesbian #gay #bi #trans #queer #nonbinary

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The GLSEN Jumpstart Guide can help you get your club off its feet as you start the new year. And don't forget to register your club for the latest updates and resources!