Urge Congress to Support Students During COVID-19 Crisis

By Aaron Ridings, Director of Public Policy (He/Him/His)

In this time of global crisis, there are more questions than answers.

But as schools close down across the country, there’s one thing I’ve never been more certain of: Our students – including LGBTQ students – need our support.

For too many students, school may be the only place where they are guaranteed a hot meal each day – and for many LGBTQ students, a place where they can access community, and vital counseling and mental health resources.

Thankfully, Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) and others in Congress have already introduced legislation – S.3489 Supporting Students in Response to Coronavirus Act – that will ensure life-saving protections and resources for students across the country.

We need your help to ensure that Congress knows we are counting on them to protect our students, now more than ever. Rush an urgent message now urging your elected officials to co-sponsor this bill without delay!


Support Students in Time of Crisis

The challenges faced today by students, educators and parents as we all adjust to school closings and social distancing are immense. They need support and the full backing of the federal government - and they need it NOW.

If passed, S.3489 Supporting Students in Response to Coronavirus Act would ensure, among other things:

  • Students are equipped with meals, technology and other educational services during closures.
  • Schools can clean and sanitize educational facilities.
  • Early childhood programs stay open and can bring on emergency staffing.
  • Increased funding for the National Child Traumatic Stress Network, addressing stress and mental health needs associated with the spread of the virus.

This isn’t a crisis that can wait for a solution. Students are at home TODAY. Educators are rapidly adapting to a shifting environment TODAY. Congress must not wait to act.

Tell your members of Congress: Co-sponsor S.3489 Supporting Students in Response to Coronavirus Act without delay!

We will continue to find strength in our community – and we will continue fighting to guarantee that LGBTQ youth are safe and protected.