Elementary Resources

Why Begin in Elementary School?


As an intentionally K-12 organization, we understand the importance of beginning conversations about LGBTQ people and families in elementary school.


While many LGBTQ+-inclusive school supports begin in middle or high school, it is critical for elementary schools to establish a foundation of respect and understanding for all people.

These resources can help you bring LGBTQ+ visibility and inclusion to your classroom, school or district:

  • This resource on Elementary Visibility and Integration has best practices and recommendations to begin your advocacy 
  • Use the common-core standardized lessons from our Ready, Set, Respect! Toolkit to teach about bullying and bias, LGBTQ+ -inclusive family diversity, and challenging gender stereotypes. 
  • Reading the Rainbow: LGBTQ-Inclusive Literacy in the Elementary Classroom to see how other teachers have successfully implemented LGBTQ+ issues into their curriculum. 
  • We recommend these Four Support for LGBTQ+ - Inclusive Schools: Comprehensive Policies, Supportive Educators, GSAs Clubs, and Inclusive Curriculum. 
  • Our Gender Triangle Education Guide has helpful definitions and reflection questions for students or adults to think about gender identity and expression. 

GLSEN’s National Days of Action can be a great way to begin LGBTQ+ Visibility at your school! 

Learn more here:

Solidarity Week No Name-Calling Week Day of Silence

Try these elementary lessons: 

That’s a (Gender) Stereotype!  Identity Flowers (3-5)
I Am Me: Talking About Identity Pronouns: Little Words that make a Big Difference 
Solidarity Story Time - Molly Allis reads Viva Que Dia! Hooray, What a day!