GLSEN Albuquerque

The Whistle - World Premiere in Albuquerque

The Whistle, directed by StormMiguel Florez, is a feature documentary about lesbian youth culture in Albuquerque in the 70s & 80s and the codes they used to find each other and keep each other safe.

Followed by Q&A with filmmaker and cast members.


The film will include subtitles in english for deaf and hard of hearing and ASL will be provided by Brian Rasmussen during the Q&A and introduction.

Remote Audio Description will be provided during the screening! Please contact for details on how to connect

♿️KiMo Theatre is wheel chair accessible!

Sliding scale is general admission, pay what you can/want.

Ticket sales will go toward covering event costs and anything exceeding that will help us with distribution of the film: helping us with submission fees for film festivals and helping us distribute copies of the film to LGBTQ organizations that center youth and/or elders.

Thank you for supporting LGBTQ film! ‍🌈🎬