Research Study

GSA Study

 A group of students at a GSA meeting sitting on the floor. One student is wearing a rainbow flag.

The GLSEN Research Institute is currently conducting the GSA Study. This study examines the experiences of LGBTQ students and their allies and GSA advisors with their GSAs and their schools. As you know, GSAs and other similar student clubs are a vital resource in schools as they can help to ensure a safe and inclusive school environment for LGBTQ students and their allies. Because GLSEN is a national organization devoted to making schools safe and inclusive for LGBTQ students in K-12 schools, including supporting GSAs, the survey will provide important information to help guide our support of GSAs around the country. Also, the information gathered from the survey will help in advocating on behalf of the development and support of GSAs in schools in the U.S.

We have completed data collection and the surveys are closed. Thank you to all the students and advisors who participated in the study! Stay tuned for the release of the GSA Study report in 2021.