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How to Find a Club Advisor

Finding an advisor for your GSA can be challenging and intimidating. Don't fret, there are plenty of options of adults at your school that would serve as great GSA advisors.

When looking for an advisor, start where you are comfortable. 



Are there any staff members who are out as LGBT at your school? 

If so, they might be interested in supporting you in starting a GSA

Which staff members are allies to LGBT youth? 

Staff members who have strong views on anti-bullying, or have been visible allies to LGBT people in the past, are also strong choices for GSA advisors. 

Are there any staff members you have a trusting relationship with? 

Staff members don't need to be LGBT to be great advisors! Finding someone you are comfortable working with is a great starting point. 


If none of the above is true at your school, there are still options! 

Talk to your guidance counselor about why you want to start a club. Ask them if they know of any staff members they think would be interested in supporting you. Also, guidance counselors make great advisors! 

If staff don't seem interested, talk to your counselor about what you all can do to make sponsoring a GSA a priority to staff. 


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