From Teasing to Torment: School Climate Revisited, A Survey of U.S. Seconda

From Teasing to Torment: School Climate Revisited coverFrom Teasing to Torment: School Climate Revisited, A Survey of U.S. Secondary School Students and Teachers provides an in-depth look at the current landscape of bias and peer victimization as reported by students and teachers from across the nation. In addition to examining various types of bias, including those based on race/ethnicity, religion, body size, and ability, this report provides a focused look at LGBTQ issues in secondary schools. Comparing findings to a similar survey we conducted in 2005, the report discusses the progress that has been made over the past ten years, as well as highlights the challenges that remain. It also offers recommendations and strategies to improve school climate for all students.

Specifically, the research report addresses:

  • Student and teacher perceptions of school climate; 
  • Student experiences of safety, bullying, and harassment, including biased incidents based on race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, body size, gender, religion, ability, economic status, and gender expression;
  • Teacher intervention in bullying and incidents of bias; 
  • LGBTQ-supportive teacher practices, such as advising GSA or including LGBTQ content in teaching;
  • Teacher professional development (pre-service and in-service) in bullying, diversity, and LGBTQ issues; and
  • Differences in students' school experiences based on race/ethnicity, LGBTQ status, gender nonconformity, and geography (i.e., urbanicity, region), among others.