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Ally Week

A true ally actively combats anti-LGBT bullying and harassment while uplifting the voices of LGBT people. That's what Ally Week is all about. 

We know that allyship is more than broadly supporting LGBT people; it's an active, ongoing process of advocating for LGBT youth (and other marginalized groups) without speaking for them or over them. During Ally Week, we challenge one another to think critically about what allyship means, how we are allies to others, and what kind of allies we seek out for ourselves. 

Supported by more than 20 endorsers, Ally Week is an opportunity to recognize what true allyship looks like, reflect on how we can be better allies to one another, and encourage others to become strong allies for LGBT youth. 

Click below to register for Ally Week, find classroom resources, and read up on the actions you can take in honor of Ally Week. If you're an educator, take a look at our Ally Week Guide for Educators to begin thinking about how to support your students during Ally Week.