Resources for Educators during Online Schools

We know that supportive educators are one of the four main supports that can really make a difference


Supportive Actions:

You can support your students by showing visible signs, teaching inclusively, and through continued learning.

GSA Support: 

GSAs can still thrive in online school settings. You can use our guide for organizing a virtual event and the GLSEN Calendar for suggestions for awareness days to focus on. 

  • Some students who have not needed to attend a GSA might be looking for your support at this time. Consider approaching your administrator for permission to send out a school-wide announcement about virtual GSA meetings. 
  • Many of your students are not out to their families, so being at home can come with extra risks. It’s important to be mindful of this in your supportive actions, such as sharing supportive resources to all of your students, starting an LGBTQ-supportive club meeting under a more vague name, and circulating a sign up form for students who want to talk with you as the GSA advisor or supportive adult in lieu of attending a group club. 

Check out our virtual resources for more resources, webinars, and GSA activitites!


Stay Connected:

You can also join our Educator Forum on Facebook to connect to other GSA advisors and educators from across the country. Join today to share lesson ideas, ask questions, and stay posted with our free resources and monthly educator webinars!

Thank you!

Remember that your connection to your students is important, now more than ever. The efforts that you are making to keep reaching out and prioritizing your students’ safety are making a difference!