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Spot The Sticker

Safe Space stickers and posters send a message to LGBT youth that there is a place on campus where they will be respected and supported. This back-to-school season, GLSEN is on the hunt to find them all! Get your school community involved with #SpotTheSticker.
Here’s how it works:
Spot it
Check the bulletin board in your classroom. Check the door to your guidance counselor’s office. Check your best friend’s locker. Safe Space stickers and posters can be displayed anywhere to convey to LGBT students that they are safe and respected. .
Spot it
Put your cell phone to good use! Snap a picture of a Safe Space sticker on a chalkboard, take a selfie in front of a Safe Space poster, have your GSA pose around a Safe Space sticker – be creative! But, if your school has a rule against using phones, take the picture outside school hours! We wouldn’t want you getting in trouble on our behalf.
Spot it
Upload the photo of your Safe Space sticker or poster to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram and tell us where you found it. Use the hashtag #SpotTheSticker so others can find your Safe Space photos and share their own!
Check out the FAQ’s for more information!
Don't have a Safe Space sticker in your school? We can help you ask an educator if they will help bring a GLSEN Safe Space Kit to your school.
Spot the Sticker