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Spot The Sticker Questions & Answers

What is the #SpotTheSticker campaign?

The #SpotTheSticker campaign encourages youth to identify safe spaces by locating GLSEN Safe Space stickers and posters throughout their schools. GLSEN research has shown that LGBT students who have seen Safe Space stickers feel more comfortable at school. The #SpotTheSticker campaign is another way that students and educators can advocate for safe spaces for all students.

What is a Safe Space sticker?

The GLSEN Safe Space sticker is a visible symbol indicating to students that a classroom or office is a safe space for LGBT youth. Educators can put up Safe Space stickers and posters to signal to students that they are familiar with GLSEN’s Safe Space Kit, that they support LGBT students, that they are comfortable discussing LGBT issues with students in a respectful and confidential way, and that they are committed to creating a safer school environment for all students.

What is a GLSEN Safe Space Kit?

The Safe Space Kit is designed to help educators create a safe space for LGBT students. The Safe Space Kit includes educator resources about how to support LGBT students, how to teach students and school staff about combating anti-LGBT bias and behavior, and how to advocate for change within schools. It also includes a Safe Space sticker and a downloadable Safe Space poster.

How can I participate in the #SpotTheSticker campaign?

Students and educators can participate in the #SpotTheSticker campaign by locating a Safe Space sticker or poster in their school, snapping a photo of the sticker, and sharing the photo on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr using the hashtag #SpotTheSticker. By locating and sharing Safe Space stickers or posters, students gain a greater sense of where they can find supportive educators while also encouraging their peers to seek out safe spaces at school. Likewise, educators who participate in #SpotTheSticker demonstrate their commitment to making school a safe space for all students. We invite everyone to “Find it, snap it and share it!”

Do Safe Space stickers make a difference?

Yes! GLSEN research shows that 64.9% of students who have seen a Safe Space sticker or poster at school feel comfortable talking with teachers about LGBT issues. Of students who have not seen a poster or sticker, only 47.6% feel comfortable having these conversations.

Where can I get a Safe Space Kit or sticker?

You can download GLSEN's Safe Space Kit, sticker and poster at The Safe Space Kit is available for purchase at our Safe Space Campaign website. Stickers and posters can be purchased in the GLSEN store.

My school doesn’t have a Safe Space sticker! What can I do to participate?

Send a GLSEN e-card to a supportive educator asking if they will help bring a Safe Space Kit to your school. You can also participate by using social media to share your thoughts on why your school should display a Safe Space sticker, using the hashtag #SpotTheSticker.