Teacher Appreciation Week

May 4–8, 2020

Being a teacher isn’t easy – especially now during COVID-19, as so many educators rapidly adapt their lesson plans to virtual learning and support their online classrooms from home. But in the face of these new challenges, educators are stepping up more than ever – working overtime to connect with their students, create successful virtual learning environments and let LGBTQ students know they have their backs.

May 4 through 8 is Teacher Appreciation Week, and GLSEN will be working to ensure that supporters across the country help send some well-deserved praise and love to the educators who are making a real difference in the lives of LGBTQ students.


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Teacher Appreciation Week Teacher Appreciation Week Teacher Appreciation Week
Chris S.

Having strong supportive educators reminds me that I have people who are willing to fight for me and stand up for me no matter what! Thank you for making me feel supported and loved." – Chris S.

Blog Posts About Educators

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This year’s Educator of the Year is Tray Robinson (he/him/his) from San Jose, California!