He Continues to Make a Difference: Commemorating the Life of Matthew Shepard

An LGBT-inclusive Classroom Resource for High School ELA and Social Studies 

What's Inside?

  • Why Matthew's Story Still Matters: A Message from Author Lesléa Newman

  • Snapshot of the experiences of LGBT students in school

  • Research-based interventions to improve school climate

  • Guidance for developing LGBT-inclusive curriculum


  • High School ELA/Social Studies Lesson: WITNESSING HISTORY with accompanying student handouts


Witnessing History Lesson

Included in He Continues to Make a Difference is a new lesson in which students use text-text and text-self strategies to learn about Matthew Shepard and other key figures in LGBT history. Utilizing poetry, oral history clips and other sources, students explore key concepts, engage in small group discussion and produce a work of creative writing.

The two-part lesson aligns with Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts (Reading informational texts, Reading literature, Writing). 

Try it out in your class to ensure LGBT students see themselves reflected in the curriculum and to give all students the opportunity to learn more about LGBT people and history.

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